PHP Session Lock

As some of you may know, I’m currently working on an ambitious project to audit WordPress events. One of the features I eventually added, is the ability for the log viewer to update results in (almost) realtime as soon as they’re sent to the server. I achieved this using the Comet (also known as “long polling”)… Read More

SEPA Deadline

Well, it’s the 3rd February, the first working day after the SEPA deadline and where are we with the migration? Seems that few have move onward, if at all, with articles sprouting on the ‘net discussing this situation. Why? What made the transition so difficult? First and foremost, one of the main issues is legacy software.… Read More

Aftermath of Adobe CC Hack

You’ve probably heard it. Adobe got hacked and 2.9 million accounts stolen, in a “sophisticated attack” according to several sources. The really bad news? With the account information, the hackers also got encrypted credit card numbers. The good news? Adobe could hardly have handled the situation any better. Here’s what I found in my post… Read More

PHP Post-Mortem

PHP is very configurable, but sometimes default settings or those imposed by the framework in use tend to make simple debugging very difficult. Don’t get me wrong, whenever possible a proper PHP Debugger (extension) is the way to go, but sometimes, when all else fails and you’re facing a blank white page, the snippet below… Read More