Opening SSH browser links

In some particular situations, you might be presented with ssh:// links. Exoscale, for example, provides this on the web management interface. By default, most browsers wouldn’t know how to open these links, but in most cases it’s as simple as opening ssh in a console. Registering a protocol handler is an easy solution to this.… Read More

Consistency over SOLID/..

Got hired for a new software engineering job? Chances are, you’ll end up maintaining a legacy system at least until the new application is up and running. If you’re lucky, that shiny new application is not outdated and troublesome even before its official launch date. Like it or not, eventually you’ll end up maintaining some… Read More

When isTrue is true but not quite

From time to time I see the following code pattern (note line 4): $isTransportable = !$item->material->isHazardous() && !$item->container->isPressurized(); if ($isTransportable == true) { $transporter->transport($item); } Sometimes, this may be due to changes in legacy code applied without looking at the bigger picture. However, other times this seemed more intentional than accidental, in which case I… Read More

Long time, no post

In a few days, I’ll be on a sort of sabbatical were I get to spend the thousands of euros earned in the last years on coconut-shell cocktails at various lavish resorts. OK, that’s not entirely true, but I’ll do the next best thing: write about experiences learned by looking at a few PHP-based commercial… Read More