Why, hello there!

So, you actually want to know more about me? I’m flattered, but I can’t offer much. Yeah, I’m not the autobiographical type..

I was born (and currently live) in a small country somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean, called Malta, but oftentimes I’m wandering about in continental Europe as evident on Instagram. I can speak in Maltese, English, Italian, French (in theory) and German. As of 2015, I’m living in Germany!

I’ve been writing code since circa ’03 … if I remember correctly, it started with programming PICs. From then on, it’s a rather long story….I’m not too keen on writing about it, especially since I don’t remember much anyway. The short story, however, goes like this: after giving up several times on ASM, I ended up creating games with a nifty little tool called GameMaker (that is, after I really got fed up with TurboPascal and QBasic). Some time later, I started publishing scripts and stuff via Geocities. Not happy with the terrible performance and inflexibility, I ended up renting a private server and doing stuff in PHP. Well, along the way I picked up a few interesting languages; Ada, Fortran, C/C++, Prolog β€“ my thought at the time was, why limit myself to one? Anyhow, whether I like it or not, I ended up focusing on just a few. Nowadays, I can’t remember much about the other eight or so other languages I used to know.

That reminds me, yeah I forget a lot – so please don’t get offended if I keep asking where we met or what your name might be. Speaking of my character, there’s a lot to write about, but I think it’s best if you figure it out by yourself – it’s more fun!

If you would like more personal details, my Facebook profile is probably the best tool. For a more academic and professional approach, try Linkedin. Otherwise, just ask the CIA…I hear they have a complete dossier with every detail. πŸ™‚

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