GDR2 finally available (on my phone!)

23 Aug 2013 07:15 PM

If you’re a proud Windows Phone owner (like I am), then you must have heard about GDR2. It is basically the next “service pack” for the Windows Phone OS. Mostly, it fixes minor issues (most of which I haven’t even come across), however it adds a couple new features as well.

One of the features is the FM Radio (for radio-enabled devices). It’s not exactly new since it apparently existed in WP7. Still, it is a feature I really like. Not terribly useful, but provides quick entertainment on some particular occasions.

There are plenty of other features and fixes, however one which I was really hoping to see is DataSense, since my device is getting filled up pretty quick (the infamous “Other  Storage” issue). Sadly, this is only enabled for a particular set of devices. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but it seems to depend on the vendor and region. On the bright side, GDR2 did reclaim a few GBs on my phone. Still, I really hope to see DataSense or something similar coming up soon….maybe in GDR3. 🙂

2nd November Update –  GDR3 took care of the storage issue (more info).

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